Looking for a reliable resource to better understand your VideoRay remotely operated vehicle (ROV)? Then check out our new Training Library! This is where you can find online lessons that are focused on technology, products, management, operation and maintenance of our ROVs.

There are several sections of the library that you can access. Here are tips to 5 key ones found on the main page to get started:

  • A good place to begin is the Table of Contents under the Introduction tab. This provides an overview of what’s available in the library.
  • To get a handle on how to properly use the lessons go to the “About this Library” tab.
  • Under the “Curricula” tab you’ll find in-depth courses for operators as well as technicians.
  • The “Downloads” tab at the bottom of the main page provides a link to various software downloads that are available on our website – www.videoray.com.
  • Find out what training we provide under the appropriately labeled tab “Training” that’s also at the bottom of the main page.

More tips on what’s available in the Training Library will be featured in a future Insights article. Stay tuned! 

Here’s a screen shot from VideoRay’s Training Library website.