Mark Fleming to Lead New VideoRay Defense and Government Business Unit

POTTSTOWN, Pa., August 4, 2022 – VideoRay, a global leader in underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) technology, has established a Defense and Government business unit to further develop the company’s successful defense and government program. Mark Fleming will lead the unit as vice president, defense and government, responsible for all strategic business development and customer support.

Fleming, who served in the U.S. Navy specializing in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and attained the rank of chief warrant officer five (CW5), joined VideoRay 10 years ago to increase government sales. Building on the company’s relationship with the U.S. Coast Guard, Fleming established new connections that led to contracts with the U.S. Navy, foreign navies and other governmental entities. He has built these relationships through his deep understanding of the challenges that defense personnel face in underwater missions and his strong customer service ethic.

VideoRay has been experiencing substantial growth over the past two years, due in part to multimillion-dollar contracts with the U.S. Navy for Mission Specialist Defender ROV systems.

“Defense and government sales of our Mission Specialist systems have grown because our capabilities are proven to be extremely valuable and unique for underwater explosive ordnance disposal. Mark is the driving force behind this success,” said Chris Gibson, vice president, sales and marketing.

Fleming added, “I’m looking forward to advancing VideoRay’s defense and government outreach and developing new ROV technology to support safe underwater missions around the world.”

Under Fleming’s direction, VideoRay will conduct a search for a new salesperson for the business unit.

The Mission Specialist Defender ROV system is designed for precise control of the vehicle position and orientation, heavier payloads and demanding intervention applications. With seven thrusters, the Defender ROV system can move in any direction and maintain active pitch to face the vehicle in an upward or downward orientation, making it ideal for dangerous or heavy-duty missions. In addition, these submersible ROV systems use interchangeable modular components that reside on a single platform, which enables operators to integrate tooling, sensors and payloads quickly and easily in the field to meet mission objectives and maximize uptime.

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Delivering its first ROV system in 2000, VideoRay has annual revenue exceeding $30 million and is the world’s leading manufacturer of underwater, portable, inspection-class ROVs. VideoRay underwater robots help prevent terrorism, find and retrieve objects, inspect infrastructure both inland and offshore, and keep divers safe from hazardous conditions. Operators prefer VideoRay systems because they are optimized for intuitive operation, performance, size, weight, payload and deployment speed. To learn more about VideoRay, visit videoray.com or call +1 610-458-3000.

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