VideoRay Hires Subsea ROV Expert to Manage Offshore Wind, Aquaculture and Shipping Markets

Brad Clause

POTTSTOWN, Pa., July 13, 2022 – VideoRay, a global leader in underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) technology, has named Brad Clause as account manager for the offshore wind renewable energy, aquaculture and shipping markets. He brings to the company more than 20 years of experience with subsea ROV missions.

Prior to joining VideoRay, Clause served with Oceaneering International, Inc., and C-Innovation, LLC. He has extensive client-focused ROV operations management experience specializing in offshore renewable energy applications including construction, inspection, maintenance & repair (IMR), salvage, pipeline installation, underwater inspection in lieu of dry-docking (UWILD), scientific and drilling.

VideoRay’s ROVs are used around the world in the construction, inspection and maintenance of offshore wind farm monopiles. Its Mission Specialist systems are reliable and efficient solutions that help reduce the costs of underwater work at offshore wind farms. The modular design of the systems enables the operator to perform field maintenance and easily integrate the tools necessary for renewables construction, inspection and maintenance.

For the global aquaculture industry, VideoRay ROVs provide a safe, simple way to inspect pens, nets, mooring points, stock health and feeding because only one person is needed to move the vehicle around the platform without the need for a diver.

In addition, Mission Specialist ROVs are ideal for shipping applications because they easily handle depths greater than 300 meters yet are agile enough to accomplish shallow missions at depths less than 300 meters. These ROVs can carry heavy payloads or tools and can penetrate tight areas inaccessible to divers or other machines. Because they are small and light, operators can deploy them from many different areas on rigs and ships.

“Brad’s experience leading teams working in harsh subsea environments and his customer-first mindset match our company philosophy. He is an ideal fit, and we are happy to have him aboard,” said Chris Gibson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “Looking ahead, Brad’s familiarity with deep-sea applications will be a tremendous help in introducing new underwater robotic solutions like autonomous operation and perception technologies that will save our customers time and money.”

Clause added, “VideoRay has a great reputation for developing innovative ROV technology that’s easy to operate and solves the many challenges involved in underwater operations. One of the things I’m most excited about is VideoRay’s global reputation for personalized customer support and how I can contribute to that commitment.”

About VideoRay

VideoRay delivered its first ROV system in 2000 and has since become the world’s leading manufacturer of underwater, portable, inspection-class ROVs. VideoRay underwater robots help prevent terrorism, find and retrieve objects, inspect infrastructure both inland and offshore, and keep divers safe from hazardous conditions. Operators prefer VideoRay systems because they are optimized for intuitive operation, performance, size, weight, payload and deployment speed. To learn more about VideoRay, visit videoray.com or call +1 610-458-3000.

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