Royal Netherlands Navy

The Royal Netherlands Navy purchased VideoRay Pro 4 ROV systems in 2012 for use in a variety of port security missions, including mine countermeasures (MCM). The Navy’s primary targets are small objects like limpet mines, sea mines, and ammunition. These underwater explosives, though small in size, represent one of the single greatest threats to global security, causing more damage to naval vessels than torpedoes, small boat attacks, or larger missiles. Crude yet still massively effective, these devices are cheap, easy to stockpile, and easily concealed in holds of ships and fishing boats. Waterways around the world are still littered with unexploded mines, many of which are remnants from the First and Second World Wars. VideoRays aboard MCM vessels help clear these explosives from the sea, coastal waters, and harbor entrances, as well as to track down sunken ships or cargo that was swept overboard.

Royal Netherlands Navy ROV in action.

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