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May I receive a quote for the following product? Thank you very much! Also, what sensors come with the Atlantas Cyclone CP Probe and is there a catalog where I can see the description for all of these?

Request Details:

Request ID: 9ypur3
Configurator: Mission Specialist Custom
Product Mission Specialist Custom

User Selections:

  • Controllers$2.00
    • Controller OptionsMission Specialist Expeditionary Splashproof Controller
    • Hand Controllers OptionsSealed Industrial Hand Controller
  • Accessories$0.00
    • Accessory PortsSubsea Ethernet Hub (4 port expansion hub with no RS485)
    • POSITIONINGTritech Micronav USBL Positioning System (not in GS)
    • NAVIGATIONDefender Navigation Package (305m)
    • SENSORSAtlantas Cyclone CP Probe with Integration
    • TOOLINGSingle 5F Blueprint Labs Alpha Reach 5 arm (single – spec side)
    • CAMERASHD Storm Camera with light
    • LASERSLaser Scaler
    • SKIDSDefender second camera skid (sm)
  • Power$0.00
    • SURFACE POWER305m Lithium
    • Portable Power SupplyLithium vehicle battery pod (305m)
  • Tether$0.00
    • Deployment ReelsTether Deployment System – 150m capacity
  • Software$0.00
    • GreenseaEOD Workspace
Total Price$2.00

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Customer Details:

Name Riley Jamieson
Phone 5743397173